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SPEAKING – Nia Jackson
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Whenever I speak to an audience, I make one thing very clear: Their greatest tool is self awareness. Whether your audience is young girls who are learning life skills, women trying to create happy balanced lives, or startup founders trying to understand the utility of mindfulness, I can help them.  My life experiences and professional career make help me tap into the minds of varying types of people: the young and old, seasoned professionals and millennials starting a new career phase, those who are stuck and those trying to create the next best thing.

Growing up my life was very non-conventional and I had to overcome numerous mindset challenges. My personal experience and coaching experience can be advantageous to every startup, small business entrepreneur, or manager. Whether they are looking to perfectly position themselves, improve their business presence, or take steps to ensure sustainability, these business leaders need to be aware of themselves, their brand, their consumers, and their competition.


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