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Unlocking Issues to Create Balanced
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Pretty doesn't have to hurt. Brand awareness prevents PR disasters. We must learn to create the life we want.

This website is my “after” photo.

I haven’t always been as well-put together as I seem. The outside was decent but the inside was a boiling hot mess.


Abandonment issues.


Body issues.


Addiction predisposition.

Suicidal thoughts.

These issues were below the surface, waiting for the perfect storm to cause them to explode.


I thought no one knew.


I was hoping that my education, work experience, and entrepreneurial spirit would save me. Surely, they would help me create the perfect career and life that I could live happily forever.

I had it all wrong.

No one knew why I was the way that I was.


They just knew that something wasn’t right.


I knew the truth.

But I was too afraid to deal with it.

Then one day that changed. The truth got so dark, so dangerous, and so uncomfortable, that staying in my current situation scared me more than trying to change it.


My education and career plans couldn’t resolve my issues. I had to solve them myself.


Then my education and experience could create the personal and professional life that I dreamed of.


And so, I began a long journey toward self-awareness: Digging deep within, asking hard questions of myself, digging some more, then asking more questions of myself and family. Rinse and repeat.

Eventually, I understood WHO I was
and WHY I was.

Now that I’m no longer a walking emotional, financial, professional time-bomb, I can begin to live.


I no longer run the risk of my secrets getting out. I’ve confronted each and every one of them.

They have no more power over me.

It’s my hope and prayer that when you visit this website you get confirmation that you can change your mindset about any challenge you are facing. You really can have the professional and personal life of your dreams. The house on the hill, the awesome car, the wonderful life-companion, the start-up that will be sold for billions, the new career with you in charge…they can all be yours.

But first you have to acknowledge your “secret” issues boiling beneath the surface.

I’ve done it for myself. I’ve helped clients do it for themselves. Now let me help you.

The only thing you’ve got to lose is all that emotional baggage you’re carrying around.

Now, let’s get to work.


Cheers to you seeing yourself, becoming aware of yourself, and loving yourself so you can accomplish all your dreams,

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