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Nia Jackson – Building Courage Muscles By Writing, Coaching & Speaking
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Pretty doesn't have to hurt.



My purpose in life is to teach people how to change their perspective on their challenges so they can succeed much quicker. Whether you’re a beautiful professional woman suffering in silence or an entrepreneur at risk of sabotaging your businesses because you lack self awareness, I’m here for you. Self awareness is the key ingredient to success and I’m here to introduce you to your true self.

There are multiple ways for me to help you become more self aware. We can have 1-on-1 coaching sessions, you can subscribe to my website so you can read my inspirational writing that gives practical guidance, or if you have a group of people you want to help, you can hire me to speak at your next event. The world is our playground…we can do whatever we want. If you have some other need that you think I can fulfill send me an email and we can discuss. 🙂

Self awareness and brand awareness are the best prevention of startup disasters.


Without awareness there can be no change. Awareness is the prerequisite to change, growth, and happiness. It is a necessary component to healthy and continuously evolving relationships. It is the foundation upon which understanding and respect are built. I know that by becoming aware of ourselves and how we interact with others, we can make the necessary adjustments to improve our own lives and the society in which we live.

Every person, no matter how nice their life looks from the outside, has faced some challenges in life. And there is always a person with a much more challenging story. What’s important is that we don’t compare challenges. We need to remember that each challenge is meant to bring out something particularly magnificent in each of us. Most forms of change require a challenging situation. If you are faced with a challenge, seek counsel, encourage yourself, and get to work with your best effort to overcome it.

You deserve all the joy and happiness you can enjoy in one lifetime. There is no reason why you should have or accept less. Joy and happiness won’t magically appear on your doorstep. You have to create them continuously for yourself. When making decisions, be sure to choose those things that will create and sustain true joy and happiness in your life every day.

To enjoy the benefit of a breakthrough, you have to first be broken. Whether in spirit, opportunity, or physically, there must be a change. Breakthroughs are one of the most powerful ways to shift your mindset, change your path, and improve your abilities. Embrace each opportunity where you feel like you’ve been broken down to understand what characteristic, skill, or pattern needs to be changed. Breakthroughs are truly blessings in disguise.

Courage is a muscle. You have to work it before you can see its power.
Nia Jackson | Building Courage Muscles By Writing, Coaching & Speaking